ACDC12 Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Lands in LA

Posted By Staff

California Energy Commission certified, hybrid solar electric air conditioners are now available.

Energy Star approved ACDC12 solar heat pumps are scheduled to be installed in CA, AZ & NV for evaluation by heating and cooling professionals, renewable energy contractors, facility managers and home builders to demonstrate how it can be a vital part of any efficiency management, off-grid or peak shaving climate control strategy.

“The new ACDC12 is the first certified cooling and heating system using eco-friendly 410A refrigerant, an 11000 BTU variable speed compressor and up to 700-watts of solar energy during the hottest part of the day that automatically switches to utility power at night”, said Mark Walsh, Director of Dealer Development. “The ACDC12 qualifies for many state, local and utility incentives as well as the 30% Federal Tax Credit through 2016”, he added.

The hybrid ACDC12 uses both alternate current, (220-volt single phase power) and direct current, (up to 700-watts of 30-volt solar power) to power the ductless split system and automatically alternates between grid and solar power to cool or heat 400-600 square feet of interior space. Other key uses for the ACDC12 are for augmenting existing central systems, low power solutions for additions, off-grid cooling solutions and equipment room cooling.

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