Bob Johnson Celebrates Forty Years with CHJ

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Bob Johnson Celebrates Forty Years with CHJ

Colton,CA – “People you can depend on and experience you can trust, is the mission statement we live by”, stated Bob Johnson, president of recently formed CHJ Consultants. The Colton engineering firm specializes in geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction inspection, and materials testing services.

Johnson and his team recently celebrated his 40th year with the parent company CHJ, Incorporated. Johnson started out sweeping floors and learning field and laboratory tests during the summer of 1968.  As is the case with many college graduates, he was not sure what his future held for him and tried several other avenues, but came back to CHJ in 1971.  Johnson didn’t set out to be in geotechnical engineering, because his original background was in biology. Engineering chose him. He continued to work hard and eventually bought into ownership at CHJ Inc. He is now president of the newly formed CHJ Consultants.

“The people are what I enjoy most: both co-workers and clients,” Johnson stated in a recent interview. A majority of the over 50 employees have been with Johnson at both companies for over thirty years, growing with Johnson along the way. He finds it fulfilling to help resolve issues for their many loyal customers. As an example, he cited Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, California. “Earthquakes are a common issue to address when constructing a building in the region,” recalled Johnson. “CHJ Incorporated provided the soil testing, as well as the geological and fault studies, which impacted the final seismic design of the building.  The building is not on a typical foundation; it is on a base isolated system instead. It utilizes composite rubber/steel bearing pads for support, which keep the structure separated from the ground and thus able to better withstand the force of earthquakes.”

Bob Johnson, President CHJ Consultants

Solving complex engineering issues is part of what has kept Johnson excited about this business through the years. “My staff and I continue to grow,” explains Johnson, “both in presence and professionally. That is what keeps me here.”

CHJ Consultants is a California corporation with office and lab locations in Colton, Victorville andPalmDesert, providing geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction inspection, and materials testing services for residential and commercial developments. To learn more about their services, certifications and projects, visit their website at or call the mainColtonoffice at (909) 824-7311.