California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel Likes Moreno Valley School District

Posted By Staff

(Moreno Valley, CA)  School Superintendents and teachers union presidents don’t always get along. So it was a surprise to many that Moreno Valley Unified School District Superintendent, Judy White invited the California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel to be the lead and keynote speaker at the final day of the districts 2013 Joint Leadership Summit.

“That’s the way do things now in Moreno Valley School District,” said Dr. White.  “We are in a partnership with our parents, teachers, administrators and staff to deliver the best education we can to our students.  It only makes sense to work with our teachers to make students education better.”  
Drawing on his 39 years as an educator and award-winning counselor, Vogel has insights into many levels of public education gleaned from his rich experience as a public school teacher and counselor at the elementary and higher education levels. He has taught all elementary grades, including kindergarten, and has trained counselors and student teachers.
“Everything the research is telling us is that the way you do systemic transformation of our schools is that you get the entire community, all stakeholders, not just the teachers and not just the principal, to stand together with a common purpose and a common language. You treat all education stakeholders with respect and dignity. It’s a real team effort. It’s about the school board and the unions and parents all standing together so that you have a much better chance of success. That’s why I really like the theme of this Moreno Valley Unified School District initiative of collaborating and coaching and connecting,” said Vogel.
“They are committed to breaking down the silos and walls to increase student learning. They are providing a model for the rest of us, an excellent example. We’re all on the same team and we’re going to treat each other like members of a team. This is all about all for one, and one for all – everybody working together to help our students,” Vogel added.
Dr. White opened the two-day leadership Summit by welcoming teachers, administrator and staff Back to School for the 2013-14 school years.  
“Moreno Valley Unified School District is a place where “Excellence On Purpose” is our way of life. This marks my 36th year in education and it is such a pleasure to serve and live in Moreno Valley. Our team of educators continues to embrace what is in the best interest of students. We celebrate a continued increase in student knowledge and understanding proved by increases in our students test scores, graduation rates and college going rates,” said Dr. White.
“The goal of the two day training is to enhance skills of the education team and improve our leadership and problem solving skills,” said Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Dr. Martinrex Kedziora.
“The trainings are not one way, while they give us new insights and education tools they also get us all talking to each other about solving problems, recognizing differences and working together to improve student success and job satisfaction,’ said Dr. Kedziora.
School starts on August 14th for all schools in the Moreno Valley School District’s 39 schools and 35,000 students.
Moreno Valley Unified School District’s mission is to prepare all students academically and socially to become productive members of society.
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