Can the mayors of the Inland Empire stimulate job growth?

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Can the mayors of the Inland Empire stimulate job growth….

“Watch television on Wednesday evening at 7 PM on KVCR-TV; we can inspire business growth,” says Ray Anderson. Ray believes the Inland Empire’s greatest resource is the creativity of her people.  He talked about a television show about California’s entrepreneurs, “These people are ones who are creating good jobs right here, right now… and it all starts with an idea and some courage.”

The show, Inland Empire Small Business School, airs on KVCR-TV every Wednesday night at 7 PM.  Ray said, “Once our cities’ mayors watch the show, and they see the results —  they see creativity in action — they’ll want to get others watching, too.”  Ray is convinced that Inland Empire has the raw human talent; he quips, “We need to inspire people.”   So, he’s calling on the mayors to watch the show, get inspired, then go to KVCR-TV to record a viewer tune-in that will run at various times throughout the week.  

The show, once a national show, has become a local show to  focus on local productions about the best businesses within the Inland Empire.  The leadership of the area’s 34 Chambers of Commerce are all being asked to nominate business owners for the show.  Kenn Couch, the general manager of KVCR-TV says, “The focus is on business owners who are loved in the community for their successes, their community beneficence, and their integrity; and they are respected within their industry for their innovation, leadership and willingness to share information to help others grow.”  There are about 70 business advocates, including the mayors, the business press, economic development and business professors who are invited to vote to prioritize the list.  Nobody can pay to be on this show its a merit only program that chooses the best businesses in the Inland Empire who through example can illustrate success paths to others.