Congressman Baca Endorsed by Dolores Huerta

Posted By Staff

Joe Baca

San Bernardino, CA – Today, as the incumbent for the 35th Congressional District in California, Congressman Joe Baca (D-Rialto) announced that he has received the endorsement of legendary labor activist, Dolores Huerta.

Dolores Huerta co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (which later became the United Farm Workers) with César E. Chávez in 1962.  She led many successful battles for the underserved, including securing disability insurance for California farm workers in 1963, and helping to pass the historic Agricultural Labor Relations Act of 1975.  Now, as voluntary President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, she continues to travel around the nation and organize on critical issues of social justice and public policy.

“I am truly humbled to have the endorsement of Dolores Huerta,” said Rep. Baca. “Dolores is a living legend and a tireless fighter for justice and respect for human rights everywhere.  We stood together in Alabama to protest the state’s unjust immigration law.  In my 33 years of public service, I have been proud to serve as a strong advocate for the underserved and those living in the shadows of society.  To this day, I continue to wear a wristband in solidarity with those families impacted by Arizona’s misguided anti-Latino bill, S.B. 1070.  I look forward to continuing my efforts with Dolores Huerta and others, as we strive for comprehensive immigration reform and equality for all.”

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