Get A Good Deal on Wheels at the Salvation Army

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Front view of a 1966 Ford Mustang the San Bernardino Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center has for sale. The car to its left is also for sale. Photo courtesy of San Bernardino Salvation Army ARC.

(SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) In the market for a classic ’66 Mustang Coupe for as little as $5,000? The San Bernardino Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center may have one for sale.

The Adult Rehabilitation Center offers other vehicles as well, including campers, RVs, watercraft and various recreational vehicles. Prices start for as little as $300 and range in age primarily from the 1960s through 1980s, with later model vehicles often available.

Selling vehicles helps The San Bernardino Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center raise revenue for its drug and alcohol treatment program. Both the residential treatment center and the used vehicle lot are part of Adult Rehabilitation Center’s complex, which also includes a large warehouse where donations of other items are processed for sale at seven used good stores known as Family Stores, located throughout San Bernardino County and Pomona Valley.

“Cars, trucks, boats and RVs are a large part of what helps the Adult Rehabilitation Center,” said Jack Katzman, chairman of The San Bernardino Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation, “All of these vehicles are operational. The cars and trucks are good, inexpensive local transportation, and the boats, watercraft and recreational vehicles are suitable for taking to our local lakes and mountains.”

Car restoration enthusiasts may also want to consider The San Bernardino Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.

“These cars are usually between 20 and 50 years old,” Katzman said. “If they aren’t already, they will soon be collectible classics.”

“A novice car restorer could add new paint and trim, and maybe a bigger engine to our cars,” Katzman said. “Even if it’s a 1980s car, in a few years it will be of value on the classic car market.”

Katzman encourages anyone who has an unwanted vehicle to donate it to The San Bernardino Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. Would-be donors can take their vehicle to 363 S. Doolittle St., or make arrangements for pick-up by calling 1-800 SATRUCK (1-800-728-7825).

“Donors can receive a tax write-off based on the sales price of the vehicle,” Katzman said. “That helps them at tax time, helps the Adult Rehabilitation Center obtain much-needed revenue to help men overcome drug addiction and provides someone who needs a good used vehicle an opportunity to purchase one at a very affordable price.”

To learn more about the Adult Rehabilitation Center, call (909) 889-9605.

About the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Adult Rehabilitation Center is a six-month program, combining rehabilitation and work therapy for men who wish to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. These men attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, receive one-on-one and group counseling, and learn about stress management, anger management, parenting and overcoming addiction. They also participate in spiritual and recreational activities they can continue after their treatment as part of a sober lifestyle.

Men in San Bernardino County or Pomona Valley who are seeking help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction should call the Adult Rehabilitation Center in San Bernardino at (909) 889-9605. The Salvation Army offers a similar program for men in Riverside County; for more information about that program, call (951) 940-5790.

Women can learn about Adult Rehabilitation Centers for them by calling the center in Anaheim at (714) 758-0414, San Diego at (619) 239-4037 or Pasadena at (626) 795-8075.

The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church. One of the largest charitable and international service organizations in the world, The Salvation Army has been in existence since 1865 and in San Bernardino since 1887, supporting those in need without discrimination. To donate, call 1-800 SATRUCK.