Is Your Home Equipped to Beat the Heat?

Posted By Staff

As the transition to warmer temperatures begins in the Inland Empire, it’s time to look for ways to keep cool without energy bills skyrocketing. To ensure you’ll be comfortable when the heat hits, take some precautionary steps to prepare your home for the weather change. Take action with these tips to avoid potential problems with your air conditioning system as temperatures begin in rise.

  • Maintain the essentials. Having a reliable air conditioning system is a necessary part of the transition into hot summer weather. Routine maintenance twice a year can ensure that your system is running safely and efficiently. In addition to making your air conditioner more effective, annual maintenance will catch any potential issues early so you can have them repaired before they become major problems and affect your in-home comfort.
  • Is it time for an update? If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, ENERGY STAR® flags that it may be time to start fresh with a new unit. Finding the right system for your home and your budget is also important. Many of the new options on the market are energy-efficient and will cut utility costs while helping the environment. Remember, it’s better to replace your system rather than having to go without air conditioning in the peak of summer heat.
  • Double check the thermostat. Pre-programming your thermostat can save significant amounts of energy and money. Make sure to change the set temperatures each season to ensure that your air conditioning system adjusts its levels during the day depending on whether you are home or away.
  • Reflect the heat away from your house. White shades work to keep the cool air inside your house from heating up. Keeping the blinds closed over windows that face the sun work to reflect the sun’s rays, saving you energy and money.
  • Perform an energy audit. To enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient and comfortable home, look through your house with a critical eye for potential problems, such asair leaks, insulation issues, equipment condition and leaking plumbing.  This energy audit will allow you to perform preventative maintenance to stay current on the latest energy saving options.

With this advice, your home will be prepped and ready for the summer heat, instead of potentially hitting a major problem well into the warm season. Finding a trusted heating and air conditioning company to help with any additional concerns you may have during the year is crucial to keeping your home cool, comfortable and energy-efficient year round.

By: Colin Martodam, regional manager of ARS, an award-winning residential heating and air conditioning company. For more tips or to make an appointment for your HVAC maintenance or service needs, visit CSLB Lic # 791820.