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San Bernardino, CA – Joe Baca Jr. carries 100% support of the California Democratic Council and earns their endorsement.

It’s another great day on the campaign trail with Councilmen Joe Baca Jr., of the city of Rialto. Today, Joe Baca secured the endorsement of the prestigious California Democratic Council. The council is composed of several of the most prominent democratic clubs and associations with in the State

“Delegates representing over 19,000 members from clubs across the state had the opportunity to vote in the first-ever online endorsement process.” CDC online
“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Council. I am looking forward to representing the needs of working families of this state. “ Joe Baca Jr.
To enlist the full 100% support in favor of the endorsement was a highly impressive achievement to boot. Please note the attached links of Joe Baca Jr.’s webpage as well as the CDC endorsement list on their homepage.

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