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McKeon Votes in Favor of JOBS Act to Jumpstart Small Businesses and Create Jobs

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon voted in favor of the JOBS Act, a legislative package designed to jumpstart the economy and restore opportunities for America’s primary job creators, small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. This legislation passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support in a vote of 390-23.

The JOBS Act rolls back costly regulations to boost capital formation, help startups and small businesses get off the ground and paves the way for more small businesses to go public and create jobs.

“I was a small businessman myself and I know the inherent difficulties businesses face trying to keep a business up and running, let alone with Washington getting in the way making it harder and more expensive,” said Congressman McKeon. “It is the small businesses, the “mom and pop shops,” that employ our families and drive the economy of our communities. Washington needs to stop taxing and regulating these businesses to death. The JOBS Act will unchain small businesses and entrepreneurs by removing costly regulations and making it easier for them to access capital. This legislation also paves the way for more startups and small businesses to go public, which will attract new investors and allow the small businesses to grow and create jobs. I sincerely hope that the Senate will act, pass this bill and send it to the President’s desk.”

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