Morrell Bills Fall Victim to Political Partisanship

Posted By Staff

Bills restoring political principles and accountability sidelined to maintain the failed status quo.

 – Assemblyman Mike Morrell issues a public statement regarding the failed passage of Assembly Bill 1437 and Assembly Constitutional Resolution 14, cutting citizens out of the process.

“We are facing a grim reality in California.  We have slipped from the 5th largest economy to the 9th in just a few short years.  Our citizens know that our state is broken and financially unstable, with a legislature that is spending uncontrollably, putting us further and further into debt.  On top of all that, major decisions for our state are made in the dark of night – slashing spending and using public safety and the education of our children as negotiating chips as a way to keep spending.

“In my first year in the Legislature, I was handed information on an $85 billion budget 2 hours before I was supposed to cast a vote.  How could I make an informed decision on our state budget with only two hours to examine a budget that was hundreds of pages long?

“That is why I have introduced two bills to protect our citizens.  First, Assembly Bill 1437 would create a transparent budget process that requires any budget-related bill to be made available to the public on the internet for 72 hours prior to a vote of the Legislature.  Second, Assembly Constitutional Resolution 14 would have the Legislature read portions of the U.S. Constitution at the beginning of each floor session.

“Unfortunately, the majority party killed AB 1437, which would have created an open, transparent budget process allowing the public access to see how their money is spent.  Politics as usual won and the people of California lost.  This clearly ensures that the people of California are involved with the budget process.  This bill was heard last week in the Assembly Rules Committee, and it only took the democrat-controlled committee about 30 seconds to cast “No” votes and turn down this measure.

“At the same time, I have introduced ACR 14 that would require each house of the Legislature to read a portion of our U.S. Constitution at the beginning of each floor session.  Similar to our Federal Government, taking a moment to read a portion of the Constitution will only serve to further reinforce the responsibilities, duties, and limitations of our government while at the same time clearly identifying the people as the source of power.  Instead of recognizing the peoples’ will, the majority party has played games, and held this Resolution in the Assembly Rules Committee without a proper hearing.

“I need your help.  California is continuing to decline.   These are simple bills that will restore credibility to our state.  Right now, AB 1437 and ACR 14 are the victims of partisan political games. 

“Please join me in restoring California to the leader it once was!”