PRSA-IE to Hold Panel on Recall Elections – May 21st

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FORUM: PRSA-IE to Hold Panel on Recall Elections

Riverside – The PRSA Counselor’s Forum is an occasional lecture series designed for the experienced communications professional. The Forum touches on a diverse range of subjects featuring speakers with unique experiences and insights.

Featured Speakers:


  • Michael W. McKinney, MICA-PR, Recall and Candidate Campaign Manager
  • Ryan Hagen, Political Reporter, San Bernardino Sun
  • Moderated by Chris Perez Consulting, Campaign Communications Director


The 2013 election in the City of San Bernardino was an historic one. In recent years, the city has fallen on hard times marked by an increase in crime, homelessness and gang activity; and a decrease in property value, jobs and city services. The city declared bankruptcy in 2012, which led to an aggressive effort by a group of businesses and residents to try and change the fortunes of this once proud city.

Did the election succeed in delivering a new path to prosperity in San Bernardino? Time will tell, but this intriguing panel of speakers will dissect the election strategy. They will review the thinking behind a city-wide recall effort that attempted to oust sitting officials;  the scandal of two council members forced to resign; and the events leading up to a run-off election for Mayor on February 4, 2014. It was an election campaign that combined tried-and-true campaign tactics with new tricks based in social media. Whether you are a political junkie or interested in the secrets behind government relations, this Forum promises to offer intriguing insights where all the secrets are revealed.

May 21, 2014, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Avila Terrace, 3663 Main St. (2nd Floor), Riverside, CA 92501

Food and beverage included in the cost of lunch ticket.

$50.00 Member Meeting Ticket
$55.00 Non-Member meeting ticket
$50.00 Student Meeting Ticket

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