Riverside County: Crash Course in Marketing Secrets

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Topics: Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Web 2.0 Best Practices

Thursday – June 21, 2012 at Golden Era Golf Course 19871 Gilman Springs Rd., San Jacinto, CA 92583

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Community Connect, the Nonprofit Resource Center, and Kaiser Permanente proudly presents a panel of award-winning experts as they prepare your brand for business in the 21st century.

Media channels have multiplied and your audiences are segmented. How do you reach them efficiently and effectively? Are you web 3.0 ready? Are unknowingly holding your business back by not understanding the power of the web? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you must attend this event.

The course will be taught in three unique and intensive modules that aim to have you walking away with inredible insight and takeaways:

Module 1: Branding and Integrated Marketing with Jon Burgess

We are in the age of communication overload, where organizations are finding it harder and harder to manage their brand and messaging. CEO’s care about brand and value, but in an age when marketing tasks have become more convoluted, media outlets have multiplied and brand value has eroded; many find themselves grasping for some measurable and executable marketing tactics.

In this module, expect to walk away with tips to refresh your brand, insights on websites and media selection, how to measure sucess, and what it takes to present your brand in a way that’s eye catching and memorable.

Module 2: Public Relations and Telling Your Story with Phil Pitchford

In this module, expert PR specialist Phil Pitchford will cover how to tell your story in an engaging way, how to focus your messaging to the right audiences, how not to upset the media, how to correctly pitch your story, and how to write an awesome press release.

Module 3: Social Media and Web 2.0 best practices with Aaron Norris

It seems like every week a new social media tool pops up. Instead of throwing your energy at all of them and hoping something sticks, award winning social media nerd, Aaron Norris, will teach you a simple trick to tackle what’s going to work best for your organization.  He’ll also spend time comparing social media to other forms of advertising to show you what you might be missing. Best of all, he’ll share with you some tips on free and low cost ways to launch a video channel, correctly email market to raging fans, and ways to automate social media channels.

As a special gift each attentee will walk away with:

  • Social media usage contracts for board members, volunteers, and company employees
  • List of awards (some of which are free to nonprofits)
  • Social media best practices sheet
  • Inland Empire media list

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