Riverside Public Meeting – Grant Funding Could Reduce Traffic

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The City of Riverside is holding a public meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday (4/9) at the Dales Senior Center in White Park to gather input on ways the City could use potential grant funds to improve traffic in neighborhoods.

The Active Transportation grant could fund projects like adding sidewalks, adding bike lanes both on and off the street and installing traffic calming measures like roundabouts, possibly in place of stop signs. The city is seeking community input on whether to file the grant application and, if so, what area should be covered and what measures should be considered.

The grant application is due in early May, so timely input is crucial. The public meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. will include a presentation on possible locations and measures, and interested residents are invited to share their views on the initial suggestion and help craft a final product.

The attached map shows the area being suggested and the location of some potential measures that will better connect neighborhoods and resources like parks within the neighborhoods. Due to time constraints, the City will stick with the general area shown if the grant is filed, but boundaries can be adjusted and measures can be added, subtracted and moved.

Questions can be directed to City Councilmember Mike Gardner at (951) 826-5991 or mgardner@riversideca.gov or City Traffic Engineer Steve Libring at (951) 826-5368 or slibring@riversideca.gov

6 p.m., Wednesday, April 9
Dales Senior Center, 3936 Chestnut Street
Riverside, CA 92501

Contributed Content: Phil Pitchford, Intergovernmental & Communications Officer

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