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riverside-school-artsRiverside, CA – The Riverside School of the Arts (RSOTA) is an arts-based youth development program in the community that uses the performing arts as vehicles to help build skills and foster positive attitudes and behavior among under-served young people through leadership and self-esteem building programming.

This wonderful program serves under-served youth in our community through music, ballet, and visual art classes. Budget cuts have threatened to close the school, which spawned the grass roots effort of community leaders to raise the funds to continue to offer this much needed after school program to our children.

“Every wholesome and healthy activity that a young person is involved with is an investment in our safety and the future, that is what is happening at Riverside School of the Arts.  I urge the community to support the Riverside School of the Arts”, said Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz.

How can you make a difference to save the Riverside School of the Arts?  You can participate daily in the Windermere Foundation’s “charity challenge” from March 17 – April 4 in which 21 non-profit organizations throughout the Western United States will compete for a $25,000 donation. At the end of the charity challenge, the five non-profit organizations that earn the most votes, will each receive $25,000 – totaling $125,000 in donations from the Windermere Foundation.

The Windermere Foundation is the non-profit arm of Windermere Real Estate, one of the largest independent real estate companies in the nation with more than 7,000 agents and 300 offices throughout the Western U.S.

Using social media as the platform for the charity challenge, members of the public are encouraged to vote for Riverside School of the Arts. on the Windermere Real Estate Facebook page or by going to

If the Riverside School of the Arts were to win the Windermere Foundation Charity Challenge, the $25,000 could provide 2,500 children with paint brushes and small canvases, 1,000 children with 6-weeks of instruction in the arts, 500 children with art supplies for 3 months, or 125 children with an entire year of instruction in the arts. Such a big donation can drastically change the lives of many children in the community of Riverside, and provide the opportunity for children to express their individuality and share each of their stories through the true meaning of a Riverside resident.

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