The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire Tours Recycling Program at Dart Container

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Local manufacturers got a sneak peak of Dart Container Corporation's recycling program during July's MCIE meeting.

Local manufacturers got a sneak peak of Dart Container Corporation’s recycling program during July’s MCIE meeting.

Corona, Ca. – The bi-monthly business meeting of the Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE) was hosted by Dart Container Corporation of Corona on July 9th.

Over forty supporters and professionals of local manufacturing met for a tour and overview of operations at Dart Container Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of foam cups.

Pearl Virgen, MCIE Chairperson and Regional Director of HR for Cott Beverages, announced the formation of the MCIE as an independent non-profit corporation serving the Inland Region, including manufacturers in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

MCIE board member Wally Brithinee of Brithinee Electric invited manufacturers to participate in pump system optimization training sessions that will be offered in August and September. The free training will be provided in partnership between the MCIE and Southern California Edison.

Don Goodluck, Plant Manager of Dart, shared the corporation’s business overview and current efforts to contribute to the community. “One of the projects that we started in 2010 is recycling efforts of [polystyrene foam],” Goodluck said.

Goodluck mentioned that misconceptions about polystyrene foam have been widely accepted in past decades and that the material has long been demonized as a non-recyclable pollutant.

“It was believed that once you are done with [foam], it just goes into the trash because there is nothing else you can do with it. That could not be any further from the truth,” said Goodluck.

Dart’s recycling program is an attempt to reduce waste at local landfills. “We take in foam from businesses, school districts and even citizens and we will recycle it here,” Goodluck said.

The plant tour was led by Scott Morris of Dart who showed the company’s state of the art recycling system that turns foam waste into reusable materials.

Dart encourages other businesses and individuals to support environmental stewardship by participating in waste reduction efforts.

The MCIE supports and provides education on manufacturing topics to manufacturers, employees, students and the community through partnerships with local colleges.

For details of the next MCIE meeting on September 10th and other upcoming events,  visit their website at