Two Inland Empire Natives Launch a Groundbreaking and Socially Innovative Nonprofit

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Two Inland Empire Natives Launch a Groundbreaking and Socially Innovative Nonprofit

Inland Empire, California  – Over the weekend, I Am Virtuous, the first innovative and collaborative girl empowerment organization in the Inland Empire, launched their nonprofit campaign in a small but impactful way. They kicked off their efforts with an inauguration brunch held in West Hollywood, California for an intimate group of supporters. The I Am Virtuous campaign focuses on instilling positive self-worth, academic achievement, and equality by uplifting young women who have been deprived of opportunities for success and growth in the Inland Empire. Co-Founder Melissa McFarland stated, “Our goal is to empower young women who otherwise would not have the opportunity to succeed. I was born and raised in the Inland Empire and ranking nationally, my community bares some of the lowest graduation rates and highest dropout rates. I know the challenges girls face in this community. I Am Virtuous wants to provide options to these young women, and a forum to discuss the challenges we face on an everyday basis and teach tools to overcome them.”

The inauguration of this campaign was fittingly held on International Women’s Day coinciding with Women’s History Month. This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is, “Impacting Change.” I Am Virtuous firmly believes in that mantra and will team with local community members, businesses and a variety of nonprofits to build a strategic program and platform, starting within the Inland Empire. Co-Founder Christman Bowers notes, “It is vital we work together to create meaningful and lasting change in our community. Our goal is to expand our efforts to cities across the nation, but this will only come about if we are first successful at a local level.” In addition, a key component of the organization is to encourage healthy dialogue between young boys and girls. “One of the main reasons I am so passionate about this work is because I know that in order for us to achieve meaningful equality for young women and girls, young men have to be a part of the conversation. I have yet to find any other nonprofits in the Inland Empire bringing all genders together to help tear down the barriers our girls face every single day”, said Christman.

In attendance were a variety of community leaders and business owners. Each attendee was given a grand welcome, treated to a delightful brunch and an in-depth description of the goals and aim of the organization. Fashion Designer Kara Craig was in attendance, “I was really inspired by the I Am Virtuous charity brunch. Empowering young women is something very important to me so I’m glad I could come to show my support. The venue was perfect for the event and the food was delicious.”

“Melissa has a true talent for facilitating outstanding and impactful events. The I Am Virtuous inauguration celebration was not different. Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the event featured a light brunch and well-crafted speeches from both Melissa and Co-Founder Christman. Overall, the inauguration event established both a strong purpose and foundation for the campaign,” stated Jonathon Koo, Media Coordinator of Phelps Agency.

About I Am Virtuous
I Am Virtuous was established with the understanding of this principle, “you can’t be what you can’t see.” Too often, our young women are not given an equal opportunity to pursue their goals. In addition, there are far too many young women who don’t have positive role models to help guide them through life challenges. Research confirms what we intuitively know–mentoring works. I Am Virtuous hopes to illuminate the conditions women and girls face in society, and inspire efforts to address the difficulties and levels of inequality many young women experience.

Online Magazine and Event Planning Company, “United Virtuoso” formed the nonprofit “I Am Virtuous” in 2014 recognizing the need to improve the lives of young girls. United Virtuous has grown to maintain a strong online presence and consistent viewership. They hope to use this momentum and create a stronger contingent of supporters for their I Am Virtuous campaign. United Virtuous and the I Am Virtuous team will build on the success and support gained from their inauguration brunch and host events this summer.

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