UC Davis Freshman Receives SB NAACP Community Award

Posted By Staff

Dorian Crutcher

San Bernardino, CA. Not long ago many in the Inland Empire saw Dorian Crutcher moving about numerous weekend events as a reserved high school freshman promoting his business “Cans 4 Care” and serving as president of the National Honor Society while attending Flabob Preparatory Academy -River Springs Charter School.  That was then.

Today, Dorian is college freshman moving about the University of California Davis learning and growing as a young adult.  Who, as a African American male, is extremely passionate about the value of education and his role in fulfilling his goal of being a college graduate.

In a recent interview, Dorian had this to say, “I am committed to succeeding in college not only for my own benefit and financial security, but to mentor others in ways that will keep them clear and away from poverty.  By finishing college I will be better equipped to build something great that will benefit others in the community.  Also, along the way, I want to succeed in college and find where I fit in the world.  To find what I can leave behind in hopes that it will influence the world in some positive way.”

On November 7, the San Bernardino Branch NAACP and President Patricia Small will recognize Dorian Crutcher for his achievements and community contributions during the Annual Freedom Fund Dinner.  Theme: Young Game Changers.  Tickets: $75.00.  Contact Tel: (909) 887-7411.