UCR’s Department of Dance presents: Room

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ROOM by Jessica Rose Mullette, MFA candidate in Experimental Choreography
An evening-length dance piece performed and inspired by Alfonso Cevera, Cydney Watson, Hannah Zismon, Irvin Gonzales, and Jessica Mullette.

April 16-18, 2013
Tuesday – Thursday, 8:00 pm
UC Riverside Performance Lab, ARTS 166

Tickets: (951) 827-4331
General Admission: $7.00
Parking: $5.00 in Lot 1 (No fee with UC permit)
Information: (951) 827-3245 performingarts@ucr.edu

The University of California, Riverside, Department of Dance presents Room, an evening-length dance piece that investigates what might radiate from the practices of noticing and response. Through the use of improvised and set material, this experiment echoes the history of its explorations as it aims to leave room for the possibilities of being seen in the moment. How does the capillarity of our experience shift in the presence of a witness? What might radiate long after the performance is complete? At times daring, thrown, and off-balance, at other times tender, curt, or pensive, the dancers negotiate a range of movement in collaboration with a live musician, playing an original score that is inspired by and inspiring what he is seeing on stage.

Jessica Mullette was born and bred in the mountains of western Montana and has been living in Southern California for the past two years in pursuit of her MFA degree in Experimental Choreography at the University of California, Riverside. Jes co-directs The Wrecking Crew Dance Company with Anya Cloud, teaches Introductory to Dance at UCR, and works as a Gluck Fellow in the Riverside Public Schools. She is highly influenced by her encounters with professionals such as Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Michele Antonioli, Karen Kaufmann, Susan Schell, Nita Little, Brian Gerke, and Yvonne Rainer, to name a few. In her work, Jes grapples with permeability, imperfection, connection, generosity, rawness, beauty, and with the things that take one’s breath away.

Room is presented by the University of California, Riverside, Department of Dance. Jessica Mullette created this work in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Fine Arts degree in Experimental Choreography.

TICKETS: (951) 827-4331
Advance Tickets: available at the University Theatre Fine Arts Ticket Office, Monday-Friday 10am-3pm
Walk-Up Tickets: available at the ARTS Building Ticket Office one hour before each performance.
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