Workforce Investment Board Tapped to Provide Workforce Insights to United States Vice President

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. —Leaders of the County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board (WIB) were recently honored with an invitation to meet with Vice President Joe Biden’s task force on Workforce Development while in Washington D.C. for the National Association of Workforce Boards conference. In this meeting, key staff and members of the WIB provided insights about the methods that are driving success for San Bernardino County workforce programs.

Vice President Biden was tasked with improving current workforce programs during President Obama’s State of the Union Address in January. A plan for reform is to be presented by the Vice President in August. The County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board was one of only a few organizations asked to provide feedback to the committee.

“We’re encouraged to see legislators reaching out to workforce boards at the local level to gain insight that lead to higher standards and better support for these critical programs,” stated Chair of the County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board, Tony Myrell. “To be chosen as a resource by the Vice President is an honor and it reinforces the effectiveness of our programs in San Bernardino County.”

During the meeting, the WIB was asked to explain how business services and on-the-job training programs are being successfully implemented in San Bernardino County. Additionally, the board discussed leveraging the knowledge of private business owners, who best understand local workforce needs to drive public policy.

“The County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board is nationally recognized as a leader in workforce development because it is effectively identifying the needs of our County’s businesses and residents and creating viable, sustainable solutions,” said San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chair, Janice Rutherford. “In one year, its programs served almost 3,000 businesses and identified more than 12,000 job openings in demand sectors.”

For information about the County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board, contact 1(800) 451-JOBs or visit

About the Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County

The Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County (WIB) is comprised of private business representatives and public partners appointed by the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors. The Workforce Investment Board strives to strengthen the skills of the County’s workforce through partnerships with business, education and community-based organizations. The County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors is committed to providing county resources, which generate jobs and investment.

The Workforce Investment Board, through the County of San Bernardino’s Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, operates the County of San Bernardino’s three America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC). The AJCCs provide individuals with job training, placement and the tools to strengthen their skills to achieve a higher quality of life. The AJCCs also support and provide services to the County’s businesses, including employee recruitment and business retention programs.

Employers and job seekers who are interested in the Workforce Investment Board programs may call: (800) 451-JOBS or visit

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