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12th Annual War Dog Event February 18, 2012

12th Annual War Dog Event

February 18, 2012

For immediate release—Riverside, CA, March Field Air Museum and the Feed the Dawgs project present the 12th Annual War Dog Event, on Saturday February 18, 2012at10:00 am, honoring and remembering our canine heroes and their handlers that served in battle.  The event is free to the public in the Heritage Courtyard at theMarchFieldAirMuseum. Guest speaker is Lt. Col. Matt Tukara DVM. The event also features a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Demonstration following the ceremony that begins at10 am.  No personal pets are allowed.

Museum admission is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 5 to 12.  March Field

AirMuseumis open Tuesday through Sunday and located at 22550 Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside,—951/902-5949

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