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Pure Gold Solar Helps Test Award Winning Technology

Pure Gold Solar - Source Off Grid

Above Photo: Zero Mass hydropanels on the roof of the Pure Gold Solar showroom in Redlands, CA

Partner Content, Mark Walsh, Pure Gold Solar

Redlands, CA – Scottsdale Arizona, during certain times of the year can be the hottest place on earth. So, when I read in 2016 that a manufacturing company there was selling an off-grid hydropanel that extracts drinking water from sunlight and air I was intrigued.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Source off-grid hydropanel from Zero Mass has been beta tested at the Pure Gold Solar showroom in Redlands, CA for the past two years. The two Source hydropanels at PGS are daisy chained together on the showroom roof producing a daily average of 10-liters. They consistently supply three businesses with high quality drinking water year round.

Fast forward to October and the inventor of the Source hydropanel, Cody Friesen, has been awarded a $500,000.00 Lemelson-MIT prize for inventing the Source hydropanel. Zero Mass now has multiple systems in 33 countries providing some of the world’s best drinking water to individuals, companies and off-grid communities. Zero Mass monitors these units 24/7 and the data tells them how well they are preforming and when maintenance is needed.

The compact, tailgate sized, patented technology sits on a flat surface in the sun and supplies its own solar and thermal power to utilize desiccants, (like the small, square pouches you find in a bag of beef jerky) that soak up pollution-free moisture from the humidity in the air. The condensate accumulates in a sevengallon holding tank where minerals are added and it’s pressurized to feed a refrigerator, public dispenser or sink fixture. No external electricity is required, just an annual filter maintenance.

Pure Gold Solar is investing in air-to-water technology and will be beta testing larger units that produce 20-30 gallons per day and paving the way residential “solar wells” that will serve ultra-water efficient structures. Pure Gold is also offering the Source now to its residential and commercial solar PV and battery back-up system customers as a complete islanding solution.

Click the YouTube link below for more information about the Source by Zero Mass:

To schedule an appointment and sample the Source drinking water please email; or call 909-223-7357.

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