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Advancing Business Creation and Growth Through Innovation and Collaboration

With the vast majority of new wealth, new jobs and new prosperity expected to come from people working together to advance business success, business leaders, educators and policymakers are coming together under the common cause that business success benefits everyone.

The Innovation Economy Expo (IExpo), scheduled for May 9th at the Ontario Convention Center in Southern California, has already  generated more than 50 sponsors, 40 speakers and nearly a dozen Collaborative Partners.

Participating Stakeholders, ranging from sole proprietors to large international organizations, have joined the cause to participate in this unique, day-long, interactive forum designed to connect businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs with the global resources needed for success.

“This is the first step in creating a crowd-driven global collaboration platform to advance innovation and build high-growth companies that can succeed in today’s new innovation economy”, said Norman Wolfe, Chairman and CEO of Quantum Leaders and a member of the Innovation Economy Expo Advisory Committee.

Innovation in business can be everything from developing new products to identifying and targeting new customers. Some business owners are unsure how to take their businesses to the next level, which is why embracing the promise of innovation is so important.

“Success stories come when innovative businesses are introduced to the right investors who can finance their plans for growth and put them into action,” said Joe Rubin, director at FundingPost. “Innovation Economy Expo will provide all the tools necessary for this kind of success.”

FundingPost is one of the nation’s leading networks of angel investors, venture capitalists and crowdfunding specialists, having represented more than $107 billion in investment capital.

FundingPost is a Collaborative Partner with Innovation Economy Expo and is bringing a panel of crowdfunding specialists and several motivated investors to IE Expo to provide qualified local businesses with direct access to the capital they need for growth.

IE Expo is hosting the U.S. Department of Commerce’s 19th annual California Inland Empire District Export Council (CIEDEC) World Trade Conference.

“Innovation is what drives today’s global market,” said CIEDEC Chairman Rick Gibbs.

“Combining the Innovation Economy Expo and the World Trade Conference brings everything together. It provides entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers with a comprehensive list of presentations, services and networking opportunities.”

Another Collaborative Partner, Startup California, is dedicated to helping companies around the state grow into major job-producing success stories.

Startup California is part of the Startup America Partnership, a nationwide organization that was launched by the White House in 2011, but now is independent and does not accept funding from government.

“Innovation Economy Expo and Startup California take the same collaborative approach to bringing business people together, which is why this event is such a good fit for us,” said Howard J. Leonhardt, Co-Leader of Startup California. “We need more efforts like this, where those who are committed to developing the next wave of business success can meet and put the pieces together.”

“There has never been a better time to be an innovator and an entrepreneur,” said Leonhardt. “Business creation is critical to a sustainable economy, and that is why Innovation Economy Expo is needed now, more than ever.”

Other Collaborative Partners include: National Federation of Independent Business, EB-5 Investment Report, CEO Space International, The Latino Coalition, California Manufacturing Technology Consulting and InSoCal CONNECT.

Topics covered on the program will include: Advancing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Raising Capital for Growth, Business Development and Sales and international trade.

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