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Agreement Allows Member Data Collection for Hybrid Solar AC System

Solar Panels on Commercial Roof in the Inland Empire

LOMA LINDA, CAThe hybrid solar AC systems will be installed and monitored over the next 12-months. Securus Air and the Southern California Power Producers Association, (SCPPA) recently signed a Goods and Services Agreement that allows its members to install and collect data on the hybrid solar ACDC12b ductless split heat pump over the next 12-months.

“The one ton ACDC12b requires up to 85 percent less energy for the same cooling or heating as conventional equipment and has a fast ROI in time of use and tier three and four rate situations”, commented Terry Vines, owner of Pure Gold Solar, Southern California wholesale distribution. “The ACDC12b can serve in a primary or augmentation role for equipment, office and residential cooling or heating. This is important as average temperatures continue to rise,”Vines added.

The 12,000 BTU, hybrid solar ACDC12b heat pump is a viable option when considering the AB 758 requirement of a cost-effective primary or augmentation energy efficiency improvement that is easily financed because of its fast ROI. The ductless split technology easily and quickly installs within the state’s existing statutory and regulatory requirements allowing for peak energy efficiency savings and GHG emissions reductions of existing residential and nonresidential building stock.

About Securus Air:

Securus Air is a California based, climate control hardware original design manufacturer focusing on extreme efficiency. For more information please visit

About SCPPA:

Southern California Power Producers Association is a joint powers authority consisting of 11 municipal utilities serving approximately two million California customers. For more information please visit

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