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Briar Rose The Winery To The Celebrities

Briar Rose The Winery To The Celebrities

Temecula, California.

When worldwide Celebrities and Dignitaries make the decision to enjoy the irresistible charm of Temecula wineries, there is a reason why they choose to visit Briar Rose Winery first, the premiere boutique Winery of Southern California…

As well as Briar Rose being the hidden jewel of the Temecula wineries, one of the additional reasons these people of notoriety make the wise choice of Briar Rose, is because of the winery’s willingness to give completely private and total confidential tastings to these high profile individuals. It is Briar Rose’s strict policy of the utmost confidentiality that brings these luminaries here for the ability to enjoy the Briar Rose wine tasting experience with their personal friends and family in an enchanting and what most call “magical setting.”

On many occasions, Briar Rose Winery closes its doors for the day to accommodate public figures to relax in total privacy with their own guests. While here they cherish hours of extraordinary award winning wine tasting, unwind and just simply being themselves. Here at Briar Rose Winery these household named figures leave the pressures of fame and their high profile demands behind them for a few precious hours. A recent star-studded personality said as they were leaving, “This has been one of my best days in a long time. Thank You so much Dorian and Les (The owners of Briar Rose Winery).”

One of the greatest accolades of Briar Rose Winery is that whoever you are, celebrity or not, you will be treated as though you are. You will taste, discover and savor a wide array of varietals, including world class Cabernet Sauvignons, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Francs, a Super Tuscan Blend, Sangiovese, Viognier, and Fume Blanc.  As well as their recently released deliciously sweet and bubbly wine lager called “Talking Frog”. You will also take pleasure in Briar Rose’s Proprietary Red Wine “We Remember”, which a portion of the proceeds benefits The Veterans Research Corporation, whose mission is to remember and honor the sacrifices of those who serve.

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