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Brithinee Electric Expansion Provides a Bright Spot in the IE

Growth Accommodates Wind Generator and Large Motor Repair

Brithinee Electric's New Electric Motor Repair Building

Brithinee Electric’s new 20,000 square-foot building expansion builds on more than four decades of  motor and generator repair. On November 18, 2010 the company will host a ribbon cutting ceremony at its plant located at 620 South Rancho Ave. in Colton, from 4-7 p.m. Tours of the new building will be available. Brithinee Electric is one of Southern California’s leading large electric motor/generator repair facilities. The company also makes large motor control systems and sells new motors.

Co-founders, Don and Wally Brithinee, have long been interested improving reliability of motor repair methods, motor efficiency and industry standards. The company began in 1963, and has continued to develop since that time into the leading electric motor repair facility in the southwestern U.S. The company specializes in remanufacturing industrial electric motors and wind generators and produces custom motor control centers for clients. Brithinee Electric is one of the largest sellers of NEMA Premium Efficiency industrial electric motors. These motors are the highest electrical efficiency motors available today.

The company’s newly expanded capacity enables the company to repair motors and generators up to 20 tons. The new facility will handle a growing business, with large wind generators coming from sites as far away as Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, and Texas.

In addition, a new training center will better accommodate customers desiring more in-depth training from experts in the industry. It also will be used for bringing together industry experts to discuss innovative products and techniques, as well as outstanding technical problems.

Since 2000, Brithinee Electric  has doubled its number of employees and believes that this expansion will double the company’s production capacity, as well as increasing capabilities of the  department which repairs and remanufactures motors and generators. The expansion of the Colton facility is good news for the Inland Empire in the midst of a down economy, and as such is a bright spot in the inland region. For more information, visit

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