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Brithinee Electric Is Now Sulzer

Colton, CA – We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Brithinee Electric by Sulzer on November 5, 2018. With the resources and expertise of Sulzer, we will be able to accept the challenges of larger equipment, higher voltages, increased testing capability and field service, with the same great customer service and value that Brithinee has always worked to provide.

We would like to introduce you to Sulzer.

Sulzer, headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, since 1834, specializes in rotating equipment maintenance and services, pumping solutions, as well as separation, reaction, and mixing technology. Sulzer’s Rotating Equipment Services division is a key player in providing cutting-edge services and solutions to many markets such as oil and gas, power, water and general industries.

As part of the acquisition, Brithinee Electric is being transferred to a new legal entity; Sulzer Electro-Mechanical Services (US) Inc. The company is wholly owned by Sulzer US Holding Inc. and will operate under the Rotating Equipment Services division.

Your local contact will be in touch to help update your records to add Sulzer Electro-Mechanical Services (US) Inc. to your database. We respectfully ask that you complete this process as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

General questions can be addressed to Jim Dull at (602)989-0568, or Ed Sansing at (505)327-6055.

We are excited about this transition and we look forward to our continued relationship in the Inland Empire.

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