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Businesses Invited to Join County on South Korea Trade Mission

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San Bernardino, CA – San Bernardino County companies looking to build export and import opportunities are encouraged to participate in a San Bernardino County-led mission to South Korea to expand trade and investment opportunities. The South Korea mission is scheduled for April 20-27, 2019, with Seoul being the primary destination.

Why is South Korea the focus of this trade mission?

South Korea is California’s sixth largest export destination. In 2017, California exported more than $9.6 billion to South Korea, making California the top U.S. exporting state to South Korea. This mission will also complement trends observed in regard to businesses reshoring their manufacturing operations back to the US. It is a tremendous opportunity for businesses in San Bernardino County to grow their exports and foster international trade.

How will this mission benefit my business?

Highlights for this mission include targeted one-on-one business meetings for participating County businesses, exploring foreign direct investment and reshoring opportunities, meetings with government and industry association officials, along with briefings on the market. Participating San Bernardino County companies will hold pre-arranged meetings specific to their market entry or expansion needs. The County will help interested companies target their objectives, whether that is developing or expanding direct export sales, locating distributors or agents, or conducting market research, among other goals.

Why is foreign trade important to the County?

This mission will enhance relationships between San Bernardino County and South Korea in order to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the County. South Korean FDI into San Bernardino County offers many compelling advantages to companies with offshore operations that are seeking to simplify their supply chains, reduce labor costs and bring jobs back into the US. This Mission will enhance awareness of the County as a destination for manufacturers interested in strategic reshoring. Over 10,000 total US jobs were restored from Korea between 2010 and 2016. With this mission, the County is strategically positioning itself to be a part of this job creation opportunity.

Interested in attending? Contact Soua Vang, Economic Development Manager, (O): 909-387-4385 or

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