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Calico Ghost Town Civil War Weekend

While the old west participated in the U.S. Civil War indirectly and from afar, and largely concerned itself with matters other than the war – including mining – fierce battles raged in the southern and eastern regions of the nation.  However, the rugged dusty hills and sagebrush of Calico Ghost Town lends itself fitting as a stage for Civil War re-enactments.

Presidents’ Day Weekend, February 18-20, 2012, is when it all hits home in our local Calico Ghost Town with three full days of re-enactments of the battles, bugles, and banjos of the Civil War era.

More than 300 members of the American Civil War Society become the rival armies of the Union and the Confederacy.  Visitors will get a first-hand experience of the day – they can visit soldiers’ campsites see how the troops lived during this era; watch processions of cavalry troopers and horses thunder into town; view formal troop inspections and military drills conducted twice daily; and they must not miss the spectacle of the battles (not that the boom of cannon fire will let them miss it).  In addition, walk among the fashions of the day paraded by the men and women and enjoy live music of 1860’s.  The weekend promises non-stop Civil War activities, including appearances by Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg address each day of the event.

Calico Ghost Town offers RV and tent camping, as well as cabin and bunkhouse rental.  To reserve camping, book online at  For cabins and bunkhouse reservations call (800) 86-CALICO.

Daily admission for the Civil War event is $10 adults; $5 ages 6-15.  Children 5 and under are FREE.  A two-day pass is available for $15 adults; $8 ages 6-15.  Visit for detailed information.

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