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Cannonball Memorial Run 4 Awareness Hopes to Raise $1,000,000

SB Law Enforcement Fund Run

Supporting The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

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Two San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Sergeants have created the inaugural Cannonball Memorial Run for Awareness. Sgt. John Bannes and Sgt. Jason Hendrix’s fundraiser will focus on the murder of police officers in Palm Springs, Phoenix, Dallas and Peach County.

The “Cannonball” style run starting on the West Coast in Santa Monica, CA and ending at the National Peace Officer Memorial in Washington DC. Sgt. Mike Rude will be joining us as a co-driver. They will be obeying ALL traffic laws, and their cross county route should take us approximately 48 hours of continuous driving.

“Our message to the nation from this profession and our endeavor. This profession has suffered too many tragic murders this year. Our goal in this endeavor is to raise as much national awareness as possible to this tragic fact.”

With tremendous teamwork, in a short amount of time, we have partnered with several organizations to see this endeavor through to its successful conclusion. The Officer Down Memorial Page provides information about all of the fallen officers and the circumstances surrounding their death. Concerns of Police Survivors, or C.O.P.S., assists with the long term needs of their families. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund honors our fallen officers in memorial at the national site in Washington, D.C.

Once we depart, we’ll provide updates of stops, locations, photos, videos, etc., on the Cannonball Memorial Run FaceBook page Twitter @CBMR4Awareness and Cannonballmemorialrun on Instagram.

We would like to make this an annual event…help us reach $1,000,000

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