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CBWCD announces new Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper Training for November and January

Montclair, CAChino Basin Water Conservation District is offering two upcoming hands-on trainings for landscape professionals, businesses, and individuals to earn their EPA WaterSense Qualified Water Efficient Landscape (QWEL) certification. Landscape professionals interested in advancing their careers to help clients reduce their water use and build and maintain water-wise landscapes are invited to participate in these three-day irrigation efficiency trainings. The first training is scheduled for November 13, 15, and 17 from 8am to 4:30pm. The training will be offered again on January 13, 20, and February 3. Both trainings take place at the Water Conservation Center located at 4594 San Bernardino Street in Montclair.

“This course is an educational opportunity for landscape professionals to enhance their knowledge and earn a certification demonstrating their proficiency in water efficient landscaping,” said Scott Kleinrock, Conservation Programs Manager. “We’re pleased to offer the training for a nominal $50 fee as part of our ongoing efforts to directly implement irrigation efficiency in the community.”

Trainees will learn water efficient principles, including irrigation system and landscape design with an additional focus on proper plant selection for the climate. A $50 registration fee will include all course materials, exam administration, certification, and the participant’s name will be displayed as a Certified Professional on the EPA WaterSense website.

There is an increasing demand for landscape professionals who can help organizations and individuals reduce their water use while maintaining attractive and useful outdoor spaces and landscapes. At QWEL, trainees will gain a deeper understanding of water-efficient practices to be executed in landscaping procedures.

Educational offerings such as QWEL are part of CBWCD’s long-term efforts to reduce water use and increase local groundwater supplies by promoting water conservation education and groundwater percolation. CBWCD’s Water Conservation Center is a gathering place for water conservation education in the region, providing high-quality conservation education programs for K-12 students, as well as programs for landscape professionals and homeowners.

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