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Certified Accessibility Solutions, Inc. Launches New Website

Certified Accessibility Solutions, Inc. has launched its full-service ADA compliance company website,,   serving all of Southern California. CAS Inc. services include CASp evaluations, inspections and reports, survey and design, budgetary planning, consulting, and research regarding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other accessibility related laws.

Certified Accessibility Solutions, Inc. is a professional accessibility compliance company that can help you with your ADA compliance needs. CAS can identify compliance issues and help you in removing barriers required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Owner Brent C. Rieger and Certified Access Specialist Ron Johnson are dedicated to providing a comprehensive accessibility solution for business and property owners to meet every client’s unique needs.

Serving Southern California, and located in the Inland Empire,  CAS can be contacted at Certified Accessibility Solutions Inc. P.O. Box 10458, San Bernardino, CA 92423-0458, (909) 794-6416. Ron Johnson CASp #344 – 

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