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Children, Education & Incarceration – When Parents Can’t Make Back-to-School Night

Ontario, CA.  Pastor David Horn, Executive Director, Life Changing Mentoring Program announced today that he will be a guest on Courageous Conversations, August 8 at 7pm CST, to discuss “Education vs. Incarceration: Generational Curse or Generational Tolerance?”

The program is a highlight of the organization’s Reclaiming A Generation: No Dropout/No Jail™ campaign.  Courageous Conversations is produced and hosted by Hafeeza Majeed.

Joining Pastor Horn on August 8 at 7pm CST will be mentors, mentees, students and former inmates prepared to discuss the obstacles children of incarcerated parents face as they confront education and life.  Mark your calendar.

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Off The Street News & Questions

“(Gov)Schwarzenegger presided over a celebratory news conference on the Capitol steps to enact plans to initially spend $7.4 billion to build 40,000 new prison beds and 13,000 new county jail beds.” – Mark Martin, Chronicle Sacramento Bureau

“Public education used to be the foundation of our country and a model for education all over the world … No longer for much of public education. School facilities are crumbling, dropout rates are soaring, test scores are falling, and, at a fundamental level, more and more young people are leaving public education without the tools necessary to become vital and contributing citizens or the ability to participate, much less survive in, the global economy.” Jim Taylor, Ph.D.

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