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Citrus Dental Management

Are you a Southern California Dental Practice?

Learn how we can GROW, IMPROVE, and CREATE EQUITY in your your dental practice.

Citrus Dental Management was formed with the simple goal of helping Dentists understand and grow their practice.

Our team members have decades of financial, real estate, negotiations and marketing experience. We have collectively worked with 100’s of businesses, completed 1,000’s of projects, mergers and  acquisitions and purchased 100’s of properties for our clients.

We grow the equity of our Dentists through four focus areas:

  • Cost controls and efficiency audits
  • Purchases, mergers, sales and buyouts
  • Growth focused targeted marketing
  • Budgeting, tax planning, and retirement

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Strategic Planning

Our team includes brokers and accountants, we can manage; Mergers and Acquisitions, Sale of Practice, Taxes, Retirement, Debt Assessment and Budgeting.


All Dental Practices are spending money on marketing, but do you know what is working? We have expertise in all traditional and digital marketing including: Google Rankings, Local Advertising, Social Media and more.

Practice Optimization

We have decades of business management experience and help your practice with: Work Flow Evaluation, Staffing Management, Production Audits, and Professional Development.

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