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City of Eastvale Supports SB 56 to Restore the Vehicle License Fee for Cities

Eastvale, CA – On April 9, 2013 Mayor Ike Bootsma signed a formal letter of support for SB 56 on behalf of the Eastvale City Council. The City of Eastvale is pleased to show formal support for SB 56 and appreciates the leadership of Senator Richard Roth and Senator Bill Emmerson who have co-authored the bill. SB 56 will rectify the unintended consequences of SB 98 and restore the needed proportionate Motor Vehicle License Fee (MVLF) funding to the City of Eastvale and the recently incorporated cities of Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar in Western Riverside County.

Prior to SB 89, the historic vehicle license fee (VLF) formula provided approximately $3.50 per person in general purpose funding to all of California’s 482 cities, with additional allocations for new incorporation and annexations. An average city dedicates over 60% of their general purpose revenues to public safety departments. The result of SB 89 is that cities lost $130 million general purpose revenues, the majority of which goes to police service. In exchange, cities received than less than $100 million in state grants earmarked for frontline law enforcement service.

SB 56 would remedy the impacts on the City of Eastvale and other affected agencies by having the affected county auditors make an adjustment to the calculations the local agencies receive from the previous VLF-Property Tax Swap.

Based on existing state law, this proposed bill would not have an impact on state school funding. SB 56 merely seeks to treat these annexations and incorporations the same way as other cities and counties under the swap. It means more revenue to the recently incorporated cities, schools and communities overall. Again, SB 56 will backfill the new incorporations and annexations for their disproportionate loss resulting from the enactment of SB 89 in 2011. SB 56 does not swap/backfill any future annexations or incorporations, only those that were negatively affected by SB 89.

The City of Eastvale thanks Senator Roth and Senator Emmerson for introducing this important clean-up legislation. We encourage our residents and supporters to send a similar letter of support to Chuck Dalldorf in Senator Richard Roth’s office at or by faxing (916) 327-2187 and Senator Bill Emmerson at or by faxing (951) (916) 327-2272. A sample support letter for SB 56 may be downloaded from the City’s website at

About the City of Eastvale:
Eastvale, one of California’s newest cities, began operation on October 1, 2010. Roughly ten years prior, Eastvale was a part of the world-famous Chino dairy area, home to thousands of dairy cattle and only a handful of residents. Today, Eastvale has an ever-growing population of 55,602 residents according to the most recent census data. Roughly 90 percent of the city is developed and served by a variety of local and regional shopping centers. Eastvale residents are proud of their community and of incorporation as well as the chance to chart their own future as an independent city. Eastvale is a young and dynamic community in Western Riverside County filled with economic opportunity and strong values. The City Council values and encourages public participation in the governing process. For more information on the City of Eastvale, please visit:

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