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City of Fontana Upgrades Playgrounds at Several Parks

Fontana Park playground

Fontana, Ca. – Just in time for summer, state-of-the-art playground equipment is being installed at Heritage Circle Park, Hunters Ridge Park, San Sevaine Park and Fontana Park.

Crews from the Public Works Department began installing the new playground equipment in April. The playgrounds at San Sevaine and Hunter’s Ridge Park are complete and now open. Heritage Circle Park and Fontana Park are currently under construction and expected to open in June.

Not only an array of colors, the playground upgrades include American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible features, such as play panels at ground level, music and cognitive components. “All structures were designed for a 5-12 age group with the idea that children of all abilities can play,” states a representative from Innovative Playgrounds, whom the equipment was purchased from.

The new equipment also includes traditional slides and climbing features to encourage physical development and fitness, along with shade coverage to protect children from the sun as they play.

Fontana Park and Heritage Circle Park will feature ADA wheelchair ramps on play structures, a “Cruiser” motion rocker accommodating up to 12 children of all abilities, and the popular “Volta Spinner” which accommodates up to 9 children.

All play areas were finished with appropriate safety surfaces, as well as engineered wood chips and poured-in-place rubber to help protect against injury.

Explore one of the new playgrounds or visit any of the 45 parks throughout the City and enjoy a variety of open play spaces and amenities for all ages and abilities. The City of Fontana is committed to continue maintaining parks as an essential resource and service that are vital to support the community’s quality of life. Parks support the health, safety and wellbeing of Fontana residents as well as making the City and neighborhoods attractive places to live, work and play.

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