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Claremont and Pomona – Are They In The Inland Empire? Survey Results

InlandEmpire.US - Pomona & Claremont

What a fun survey, it provided us with some interesting results. We now know that more people think Claremont and Pomona are in the Inland Empire, than out. When I started this survey, I thought Claremont was in San Bernardino County, which it is not. Yet, 54% of responses thought Claremont is in the Inland Empire, Pomona followed with 48%.

As for hard data, the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino are what is counted in Federal numbers, population statistics, and economic development. That asks the next, are the Eastern areas in the Inland Empire?

The results were very close, and honestly, we will keep this survey open into the future to see if it changes.

Interesting Data

  • 2/3rds of Claremont residents voted they are in the Inland Empire.
  • Of the 46% of people who said, “None of the Cities” were in, only 20% changed their mind based on the geography and Kellogg Hill.
  • More people include Pomona and Claremont in the Inland Empire if they are in San Bernardino, Redlands or Riverside.
  • Less people include Pomona and Claremont in the Inland Empire, if they are in Upland, Rancho Cucamonga or Ontario.
  • Interesting Fact, the 909 Area code includes Claremont, Pomona, San Dimas, La Vern and Diamond Bar.

Some great thoughts from Inland Empire residents

  • “The 909 area code and Kellogg Hill are used, by some, to define the western boundary of the Inland Empire.”
  • “I believe the cities listed view themselves as part of the Los Angeles community.”
  • “I have lived in Pomona and went to Cal Poly and Mount Sac and I would never consider them part of the Inland Empire.”
  • “people think, at the least the ones I talk to, the IE is east of the 57.”
  • “If it’s east of Kellogg Hill, it’s the IE baby!”
  • “While the the Inland Empire is often described as riverside and San Bernardino counties Pomona, San Dimas, Claremont and LaVerne are actually in our sphere of influence”
  • “I feel a disconnect with “San Gabriel Valley” and more of a Connect with the Pomona Valley or Inland Valley. It is a geographic thing. The 57/Kellogg Hill is physical, mental, economic and social separation.”

As for InlandEmpire.US, from an editorial perspective, we will continue to include Pomona and Claremont in our stories.  We have never received or run stories from San Dimas or Diamond Bar. As for La Verne, we do receive stories from them, and we will start posting a few to see if they gain traction.

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