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Community Brought Together to Support Young Medical Professionals in the Inland Empire

JUMP Student Reachout

Above: JUMP Students competing in Object Unveiling – Medical Improv

CHINO HILLS, CA  – More than 350 middle school students came together at Chino Hills High School on Saturday April 29th to compete in the first-ever JUMP Showdown. These JUMP (Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals) students from 12 schools have been preparing all year to compete against each other in health-inspired challenges.

School cheers echoed and school banners waved as the Inland Health Professions Coalition quizzed students all day on medical terminology, athletic taping prowess, medical drawing expertise, medical trivia, and more.

“The JUMP Spring Showdown aims to integrate competition with skill-building that will be beneficial to these students in their futures.”- said Celina Su, Project Support Specialist, Inland Health Professions Coalition.

Although the Inland Health Professions Coalition created the JUMP Showdown to be competitive in nature, it brought together 350 students with a passion for the medical field.

“It was fun to see them all getting along and enjoying the competition. They jumped right in to see what they were capable of.” said Dr. Ferraro, Assistant Principal of Auburndale Intermediate School.

Parents, teachers, and community members were amazed at the level of knowledge and passion these young health pathway superstars had for the health field.

“It was more intense than I’ve ever seen. It was my first time seeing a HOSA Bowl Competition, so it was exciting. Very fun to watch!” said Mr. Palomino, Badger Springs Middle School.

The overall winner of the JUMP Showdown was River Heights Intermediate School, but all of the students left feeling pride for themselves and hope for their futures as medical professionals.

It would have been impossible to host an event this size without the generous support from Patricia Chan at Live Well Therapy, Target, volunteers from the Chino High School Health Science Academy, families, friends, and local businesses from the Inland Empire.\

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About the Inland Health Professions Coalition
The Inland Health Professions Coalition is a part of Reach Out, a non-profit organization serving the San Bernardino and Riverside communities for the last 50 years. The Inland Health Professions Coalition supports the efforts of school districts, community colleges, and universities in promoting health professions. We help fill a need for health professionals in the Inland Empire by helping students identify health-related careers and by providing work-based learning experiences.

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