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Congressman McKeon’s Response to Chairman Paul Ryan’s Republican Budget Proposal

Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon made the following statement, following today’s release of the Republican Budget Proposal:

“Chairman Ryan has drafted a budget that puts us back on the path to prosperity. The facts of our country’s fiscal situation are clear: we are facing the most predictable crisis in U.S. history. The federal government is consistently operating on unsustainable deficits, we have a dangerous $15 trillion and climbing national debt, and absent reform, it is a mathematical impossibility for government programs to fulfill their promises in the 21st century. However, if we act now, an American debt crisis is preventable. Chairman Ryan’s budget cuts spending to sustainable levels and puts us on a path toward a balanced budget and a brighter future, while protecting and preserving our country’s vital safety nets, especially for our seniors. His budget also reforms our tax code so that it is fairer, simpler and more competitive, helping American businesses hire and expand.

“Chairman Ryan’s plan is full of tough choices, but I am pleased he recognizes that our men and women in uniform have paid for enough of those choices. While our nation’s defense consumes less than 20% of the federal budget, it has paid for 50% of deficit reduction efforts to date. Rather than pursuing a course that takes our military right to the razors edge, Chairman Ryan has put our military on a path to rebuild after a decade at war. Rather than hampering our troops with the specter of blind and massive cuts in the years to come, Chairman Ryan pays down sequestration for the first year; giving us all time to find a comprehensive solution. This is a budget our military can live with, and one I am happy to support. Chairman Ryan’s approach is consistent with my call to rebuild our military and avert sequestration. I look forward to working with him to achieve a responsible federal budget that funds an effective military capable of meeting the threats America faces.

“It is our moral obligation to leave a free and strong America for our future generations. We can no longer ignore the very real consequences of our current fiscal course. We have two futures to choose from: a future of greater doubt, debt and decline, or one of greater strength, opportunity and prosperity.”

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