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Doobie Brothers Perform at Fox Theater with Special Guests: Chris Thayer Band

On Saturday, April 13 at 8:00 PM the Doobie Brothers will be performing at the Fox Theater in Riverside. The band has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide throughout its career. The group was inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004.

The second album, Toulouse Street (which spawned the hits and classic rock staples, “Listen to the Music” and “Jesus Is Just Alright”, brought the band their breakthrough success after its release in July 1972. In collaboration with manager Bruce Cohn, producer Ted Templeman and engineer Donny Landee, the band put forward a more polished and eclectic set of songs. Pianist Bill Payne of Little Feat contributed keyboards for the first time, beginning a decades-long collaboration that included many recording sessions and even a two-week stint touring with the band in early 1974. With an improved rhythm section and the songwriting of Johnston and Simmons, the Doobies’ trademark sound—an amalgam of R&B, country, bluegrass, hard rock, roadhouse boogie, funk, and rock and roll—emerged fully formed.

A string of hits followed, including Johnston’s “Long Train Running” and “China Grove”, from the 1973 album The Captain and Me. Other noteworthy songs on the album were Simmons’ country-ish ode “South City Midnight Lady” and the explosive, hard rocking raveup “Without You”, for which the entire band received songwriting credit.

Like a heapin’ helping of musical truth serum, Chris Thayer Band delivers a collection of bittersweet moments with a refreshing blend of wry wit and unflinching honesty. Back with an all new lineup of top notch players, the Chris Thayer Band has embarked on the next chapter of their musical tale, infusing a jam-rock flavor into their hook-driven  pallete. The SoCal sensation will perform as special guests with the Doobie Brothers band.

For Tickets, call the Fox Box Office: (951) 779 9800. Or buy tickets from Ticketmaster.

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