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Eastern Municipal Water District Announces 2018 Water Champion Award Recipient

Perris, CAEastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) today announced that Assemblywoman Anna Caballero was selected for its 2018 Water Champion Award in recognition of her efforts to address governance of failing water systems throughout California.

The EMWD Water Champion Award is presented to an individual who shows exemplary service in helping EMWD achieve its mission of providing clean, reliable water and wastewater management services for residents of western Riverside County.

Caballero authored Assembly Bill 2050 – the Small System Water Authority Act of 2018, which was a tax-free alternative to help remedy failing water systems throughout California. AB 2050 was co-sponsored by EMWD and the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA).

AB 2050 passed through both houses of the California legislature with overwhelming support but was ultimately vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown. AB 2050 would have promoted the regionalization of failing systems through the creation of Small System Water Authorities, which would then have additional governance oversight and financial resources – something that is often the root cause of why systems fail.

“Assemblywoman Caballero was instrumental in authoring a piece of legislation that would have created a better future for many Californians without the need for a statewide tax on water,” EMWD Board President David Slawson said. “Her hard work on this matter has helped reshape the conversation regarding the governance of failing water systems as we continue to develop a long-term solution.”

Caballero – who was recently elected to the State Senate – was also a key voice in the state’s process of establishing updated water use efficiency standards and supported an approach that recognized investments in diversified water supplies.

“Water is perhaps one of the most important issues facing our state, and I am honored to have worked with EMWD and CMUA to propose solutions to the significant challenges facing our state’s water future,” Caballero said. “I also stand firm in my commitment in continuing to find creative and responsible solutions toward the governance of our state’s water supplies so that all Californians can have access to safe and reliable drinking water for generations to come.”

Past winners of the EMWD Water Champion Award include former State Senator Bill Emmerson, United States Bureau of Reclamation area manager Bill Steele, California Governor Jerry Brown, former Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, and Congressman Ken Calvert.

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