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Educational Network to Join Strategic Alliance with IEEP

San Bernardino, California. Paul Granillo, President of the Inland Empire Economic Council (IEEP) and Pamela Clute, Executive Director of the educational network FACE (Federation for a Competitive Economy) announced today that FACE would join in the comprehensive strategic alliances being developed by the reconstituted IEEP. FACE is a network comprised of K-college educational leaders in the Inland Empire, including both county Superintendents of Schools. Its intent is to increase the birth to college/career pathways of the region’s young people and adults so that they can find personal success as well as significant contribute to the vitality of the local economy.

Said Granillo, “this provides the educational thrust that rounds out the full range of issues that IEEP will be attacking in order to improve the Inland Empire’s short and long term prosperity By having high energy players working separately and cooperatively on the business, government, education and non-profit quality of life issues facing the inland region, we have the chance to truly make a difference in raising our region’s level of prosperity.”

Joining Pam in tackling the education initiate will be Mike Gallo, President of Kelly Space & Technology. Gallo is a past Chairman of San Bernardino County’s Workforce Investment Board, and his company hosts the Technical Employment Training Center which has begun successfully training production machinists and advanced manufacturing technicians.

Pam Clute indicated that “Our problems are multiple and so complex that not one segment of the region can solve them alone. I am excited to be part of a comprehensive plan than combines the talents of education with the other three partners in IEEP’s new framework.” Those include the Inland Empire Business Council, made up of entirely of private sector firms; the Inland Empire Public Partners, composed of cities and counties; and the Community Foundation, the region’s major non-profit working on quality of life issues.

Mike Gallo added that, “as a technology developer, I am excited to join with Pam Clute and FACE. She is well known for being a major force within academia seeking practical solutions to issues that are preventing so many of our young people from reaching their full potential, whether as professionals or technicians. I look forward to partnering the business community with education to inspire and engage our students to pursue life-long learning linked to career opportunities while building a highly-skilled workforce.”

Gallo and Clute will be calling together the public and private sector entrepreneurs who have been running successful but experimental educational efforts. The desire is to develop a strategy that will allow these efforts to be “scaled up” so that they can become standard practice within the region. In particular, the hope is to see business, local governments and educators cooperate in seriously expanding initiatives like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education that interface real world experience with classroom teaching. On Thursday, May 19th at the Double Tree Hotel in Ontario from 11:30 to 1:30, the full network will be explained in depth as part of the Inland Empire State of The Region Conference featuring Dr. John Husing.
For more information: Paul Granillo, 909-888-9011 ext. 205

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