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Fontana City National Mountain Bike Challenge

Fontana, California – The Mayor and City Council invite the public to Southridge Park and the Old Bird Farm on March 25-27 to watch the Fontana City National mountain bike challenge, hosted by Southridge USA.

World famous mountain bikers Todd Wells, Adam Craig, Eric Carter and other champions will race in the Fontana City National, on March 25-27. The race will take place at Southridge Park’s Old Bird Farm located west of the Don Day Community Center at 14501 Live Oak Ave.

“This is one of the premium events in North America for mountain bike competition,” said Donald Jackson, owner of Southridge USA. “It is Southridge USA’s 20 year anniversary for mountain biking in Fontana, and the sixth year for the Fontana City National.”

The Fontana City National will have competitions in Cross-Country, downhill, 4-cross and super D disciplines. There will be kids’ races sponsored by Shimano. The National will also feature vendors and a range of factory teams.

“Mountain biking is probably one of the most exciting and family oriented sports that you are going to find,” said Jackson.

For more information on the Fontana City National mountain bike challenge, contact Donald Jackson at Southridge USA by phone at (951) 361-0149 or email at

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