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FONTANA: Mayor Acquanetta Warren Expresses Sincere Gratitude to 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford

Fontana, California,  The Mayor and City Council thank 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford for her generous contribution towards the rehabilitation of Martin Tutor Park and expansion of the Memorial Rose Garden.


“It is such a blessing to see the commitment from our 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford. As the founder of “Healthy Fontana” I understand the importance of creating spaces for children to be active. Supervisor Rutherford’s contribution to Martin Tutor Park is helping our young people have a future by renovating this beautiful park for the children to play.” stated Mayor Warren.

The aquatics area of Martin Tutor Park has been closed for several years and residents in south Fontana were in great need of parks for their children. It has always been the desire of this City Council to provide safe, clean areas for families to recreate in and the City Council made this park a priority for this year. The goal of this $1 million renovation project was to provide a much needed update to existing water slides at a south Fontana Park and to reopen it for use. By taking the current uses of the existing park and by adding water features in response to the growing community’s needs, the Martin Tudor Park will become an active centerpiece for families in the area. Mayor Warren and the City Council appreciate the partnership and support of Supervisor Rutherford to bridge the gap to bring this project to fruition in this much needed time.

The Memorial Rose garden is another project that is dear to the Mayor and City Council. It has been their goal to develop a place that residents can memorialize their loved ones. This rose garden not only provides an opportunity for residents to carry on the memory of their loved ones, but it enhances the downtown. “This project touches me personally. With the expansion provided by the funds from Supervisor Rutherford, residents can continue to add names of loved ones that are no longer with us physically, but will remain in our hearts forever.” stated Mayor Warren.


Mayor Warren would like to encourage residents to contact Supervisor Rutherford and express thanks for her continuous support and generous spirit towards this community.

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