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Fontana: Mayor & City Council are Pleased to Announce a Balanced Budget!

Fontana, California, June 21, 2011. The Mayor and City Council are pleased to announce a balanced budget for fiscal year 2011/2012. The budget projects stability in this community and the City Council are very proud to approve a budget that maintains current staffing levels. Over the past three years, however, the City Council was forced to reduce staffing by 71 full-time positions or 11%, which included layoffs, early retirements and the elimination of vacant positions. Part of the way we were fortunate enough to maintain the City staffing level this year was through employee concessions. Negotiations have been completed with all but one labor group. Council Member John Roberts stated, “This budget was not possible without the goodwill and sacrifices of the employees.”

The proposed budget does not provide for potential State takeaways or the elimination of redevelopment. If either of these situations occur, the City Council will need to make additional budget decisions in the future. “In Fontana, the budget is a living document that is reviewed routinely. Making modifications is standard procedure and the City will make modifications and continue to live within our means.” stated Mayor Warren.

Although resources continue to be strained, the City Council is committed to maintaining services and programming. This budget maintains the City’s $17.7 million in General Fund reserves and is financially balanced.

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