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Henehan Explains New Health Care Laws at Morrell Meeting

Joe Henehan talking about state and national healthcare.

InlandEmpire.US — When the City of Rancho Cucamonga met recently to discuss Growing Jobs in California in April, at a forum hosted by Assemblyman Morrell, real solutions were discussed about how the state can respond to the immediate needs in the business community.

One of the presenters at the forum was Joe Henehan, president of The Henehan Company in San Bernardino. He presented an in-depth discussion into how healthcare reform is impacting business, and discussed the timelines for the upcoming provisions and federal regulations anticipated in 2011.

Henehan also explained how CA health insurance exchange bills, such as SB900/AB 1602 impact business, along with the challenges the Healthcare Industry currently faces, in regards to the environment. The impact on businesses will be one of the largest changes to regulation imposed on business in decades. Henehan said some small businesses will be impacted dramatically.

“First we need to understand exactly how much we are actually spending on healthcare. Then we can begin to understand exactly where our healthcare dollars go. That, combined with understanding what is driving the high and rising cost of healthcare will provide the base of understanding what can be done to help reduce cost without compromising the quality of care received.”

Other items discussed at the forum by Henehan included:

The Henehan Company is located in San Bernardino, Ca. and provides innovative Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP’s), Health Savings Accounts, Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans and Executive Compensation Packages to organizations within the entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, service, and medical industries. With expertise in plan design, the company serves clients from So. California to the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The firm also works together with Henehan Administrators, LLC supporting clients with COBRA Administration, Consolidated Billing and Online Human Resources Management. For more information about The Henehan Company call 909.383.7040 or visit the company’s website at

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