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HIGHLAND: Far West Meats to Host Grand Opening Celebration and BBQ

Highland –  Far West Meats is hosting a Grand Opening Celebration BBQ on Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 9 am to 3 pm at their newly rebuilt location at 7759 Victoria Avenue in Highland.

To celebrate the Grand Opening and their return to Highland,  after a devastating fire in July of 2010, Far West Meats has been operating out of a temporary location in Colton.  Tom Serrato, owner of Far West Meats will serve complimentary samples of  chicken, hot dogs, ribs, burgers and brisket. These same products will be featured and available for purchase online and at their  neighborhood outlet.

Far West Meats will now be home to operations of over 30,000 square feet. The rebuilding allowed for expansion to accommodate the higher sales volume now anticipated. Since the fire, Far West Meats has been busy planning the new location and developing more products, including a healthier, leaner, and tastier sausage.

“We have responded to customer demand for a quality sausage they can grill at tailgate parties which has less fat and sodium but more flavor.  At Far West Meats we say ‘One Bite and We’re Friends For Life’,” said Serrato.

Far West Meats product line includes all cuts of beef, pork, chicken and seafood as well as their smoked sausages.

“When we opened this location in 1978 it came with a smokehouse. At that time we didn’t use it. Sometime in the 1980’s the industry recognized a demand in inner city locations for smoked sausages. We came up with a product that was an immediate success,” said Serrato.

There were two small market chains that early on helped the company sell these products ABC Stores and Boys Markets. Since then they have added 10 flavors as well as a complete line of smoked meats, with Far West’s products now sold throughout the Southland. Every product sold is guaranteed 100% for quality and freshness.

Before the fire, Far West Meats had a limited capacity to serve walk up customers. “Back then we had secretaries trying to answer phones, total orders, and provide customer service. It was a lot and it got crazy sometimes,” remembers Serrato.

In the new location, there will be an expanded customer will call department. Products will be displayed in three sizes of packages with pricing clearly marked. This way a couple could come in and order the smaller sized items already packaged and ready to take home. The medium sized items would be ideal for the family of four, and the largest size would be for the party planners and larger sized families.

Not only will the neighborhood outlet be a part of the actual location but Far West Meats will also expand its website as well. Customers will be able to set up a virtual freezer account.

In their virtual freezer, customers can purchase and stock their freezer and when needed the product it is pulled and shipped for delivery or ready for in-store pick up. A virtual freezer is ideal for non-profit organizations (little leagues, soccer leagues, school booster clubs), which host seasonal events but do not have room for storage as well as for families that do not own home freezers. The expanded website will be consumer friendly and include shipping information to anywhere. In addition customers can sign up for the e-newsletter, which will feature sales specials. Visit the website at

“We have always been in the neighborhood and always with the people,” said Serrato.

The Grand Opening BBQ on Saturday July 14, 2012 from 9 am to 3 pm anticipates large crowds and plenty of well wishers happy to have Far West Meats back home in Highland.

For Grand Opening information please call (909) 864-1990.

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