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Inland Empire Debating Society to Discuss Presidential Authority for Drone Strikes

On Sunday March 17, 2013 at 4:00 pm the Inland Empire Debating Society is meeting at Denny’s Restaurant, located on 1180 Alabama Street in Redlands, to debate if the U.S. President should have the authority to decide who should be targeted to die in drone strikes.

The Inland Empire Debating Society will have the opportunity to hear from Allen Hernandez, the current clean energy community organizer for the Inland Empire Sierra Club’s My Generation Campaign.

Get to know our speaker:
Allen Hernandez was born in Los Angeles and raised in Fontana. He comes from a loving family where his father worked as a landscape gardener, his mother as a housekeeper at San Manuel casino, and his sister as a social worker with San Bernardino County.

Allen graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in sociology and a minor in psychology. Subsequently, he went to study at the University of Chicago earning a master’s in social work and health policy, graduating with top honors. He went on to work as a labor organizer with hotel workers union for 6 years before joining the Sierra Club a year and a half ago.

For more information about the Inland Empire Debating Society, Call (909) 887-4894 Or visit us at

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