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Inland Empire Economic Partnership Announces Changes

San Bernardino, CA – The Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP) announces a sweeping realignment of its efforts to better the employment climate and quality of life in the Inland Empire.

Paul C. Granillo, President and CEO of the Partnership announced several steps to bring this about. They include:

“Riverside and San Bernardino Counties deserve an organization dedicated to making Inland Southern California a better place to live and do business; these changes are the beginning steps of making our Partnership that group.”

“In our new configuration we will be better situated to focus on the desires of the business community of Riverside and San Bernardino, as well as, the other unique needs of the Inland Empire”, said Granillo.

The new Inland Empire Business Council will be made up of the private members of IEEP. “The mission of the IEBC will be razor sharp”, said Granillo. “The Business Council will be comprised of the top businesses in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and their leadership will drive the mission of the Council which is to make San Bernardino and Riverside Counties more competitive and job friendly.” In order to accomplish that mission associated with the new IE Business Council will be the Inland Empire Business Political Action Committee. IEBIZPAC will be involved in supporting political and legislative efforts and candidates that support a business and jobs agenda that can increase the region’s prosperity.

The Inland Empire Economic Partnership is pleased to announce that Dr. John Husing has accepted an appointment as the Chief Economist of the organization. Dr. Husing will also serve as the founding Director of the Inland Empire Economic Center. The new center will focus on working with local community, business, educational and public entities in the development of an economic strategy aimed at raising the standard of living in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

In its new configuration, IEEP’s division serving the public sector will be formed around the restarted Inland Empire Public Partners. This group will be comprised of member cities and public agencies from within the Inland Empire. The purpose of the Public Partners will be to provide a vehicle for Inland Empire governments to decide upon those elements of economic and quality of life policy on which they wish to undertake coordinated region-wide efforts, and work with IEEP and the Inland Empire Business Council to execute them.

Given the importance of quality of life, to the prosperity of our region, the Inland Empire Economic Partnership is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with The Community Foundation Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The Community Foundation currently manages $58 million dollars in charitable contributions and endowments that are used to enhance the lives of people living in region. The Community Foundation will manage the existing IEEP Foundation fund. The Community Foundation will also serve as a resource to the entire Partnership membership. Daniel Foster, President/CEO of The Community Foundation states, “Historically, our region has suffered tremendously over the decades due to prevailing competitive, silo, and local mindsets. However, the era of ‘regionalism’ has arrived in the Inland Empire, and our region’s future quality of life and economic prosperity will be highly dependent on developing key regional two-county partnerships and cross sector collaborations. We believe that this partnership with IEEP and John Husing will help lay the foundation for addressing some of the region’s most pressing needs, challenges, and opportunities of the future. Ultimately, we anticipate that this partnership will leverage some of the region’s best ideas, talent, and resources for the betterment of the communities of the Inland Empire.”

“Our alliance will allow the Inland Empire Business Council, and the Inland Empire Public Sector to work with The Community Foundation to expand the resources available to fill the numerous needs of our region. It will give us a greater opportunity to convince outside grant groups and agencies that they should put greater funding into our region.”, said Granillo.

“This Partnership is based on extensive input from regional stakeholders and represents the best model for serving the needs of the businesses and residents of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties”, “It is ambitious, but the needs of the Inland Empire make it a necessity”, said Dan Rendler, Chairman of the Board of IEEP and Regional Director of The Gas Company.

The Mission of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership is to help create the two-county region’s voice for business and quality of life. The Inland Empire Film Commission and the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center are other key divisions of the Partnership.

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IEEP is presenting the Inaugural Inland Empire Quality of Life Summit, March 31st and April 1st at Cal State San Bernardino. For more information go to

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