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Inland Health Professions Coalition Celebrates Decade of Community Service in Inland Empire

Emergency Education
San Bernardino, CA – The Inland Health Professions Coalition (IHPC) has been a leader in health workforce development, serving intermediate and high school students and teachers since 2007. They will mark this achievement with a special celebration on June 12th in San Bernardino. Current and former students who are pursuing a health career and who are committed to serving in the Inland Empire will share their stories and will be recognized along with regional partners who support IHPC programs.
IHPC addresses the needs of the region’s medical care shortage by building a diverse, community-responsive health workforce. They collaborate with medical facilities, health professionals, county-based programs, and educational institutes to offer job shadowing, internships, training camps, seminars, workforce readiness programs, and other health-related learning opportunities.
On June 12th, IHPC will thank their partners and the members of the San Bernardino and Riverside County communities who make their mission possible. They are also seeking the support of the community at large to share in their mission. Those who desire to engage in their local community and impact the future health workforce can contact IHPC at (909) 982-8641 for more information.
About IHPC
IHPC helps address the need for health professionals in the Inland Empire by helping students identify health-related careers and providing work-based learning experiences. IHPC is part of Reach Out, a non-profit organization addressing the Inland region’s toughest issues and serving the San Bernardino and Riverside counties. For more information, visit  and 
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