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Is Your Home Equipped to Beat the Heat?

As the transition to warmer temperatures begins in the Inland Empire, it’s time to look for ways to keep cool without energy bills skyrocketing. To ensure you’ll be comfortable when the heat hits, take some precautionary steps to prepare your home for the weather change. Take action with these tips to avoid potential problems with your air conditioning system as temperatures begin in rise.

With this advice, your home will be prepped and ready for the summer heat, instead of potentially hitting a major problem well into the warm season. Finding a trusted heating and air conditioning company to help with any additional concerns you may have during the year is crucial to keeping your home cool, comfortable and energy-efficient year round.

By: Colin Martodam, regional manager of ARS, an award-winning residential heating and air conditioning company. For more tips or to make an appointment for your HVAC maintenance or service needs, visit CSLB Lic # 791820.

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